Help Oppose 5G Towers Too Close to Homes and Schools.

Moira Hahn (and Mark Hotchkiss)'s Appeal to the City of Long Beach

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Moira Hahn and her husband, Mark Hotchkiss, just discovered that AT&T and the City of Long Beach plan to install a 5G Tower 25' from their bedroom, within about a month. They were not properly notified by the city and did not have any say in the decision. The application had been approved several weeks before they discovered it was underway. Moira is hypersensitive to radiation, has chronic migraines, cluster headaches, is deaf in one ear, and has chronic infections in her hearing ear. She has a strong family history of brain cancer. She is disabled under the terms of the Americans with Disabilities Act, a federal law. Her doctor has written a letter to verify and support these conditions (part of the Appeal). His recommendation for an accommodation for her disability is that she not be forced to live closer than 1000' from a 5G cell tower. If the City installs this tower in her front yard, they will be forced to move out of their comfortable home and art studio, of twenty years.The City, through its Public Works office, has informed Moira and Mark that when they move out, neither the City nor AT&T has any legal exposure to reimburse them for the loss of property value caused by the 5G tower. While the full health and safety effects of living 25' from a 5G tower are not documented yet (this is a new phenomenon), 94 percent of people polled recently would not want one on their front yard, and home sales under this forced negative condition have lost 20-30% of their pre-5G tower value. The loss is on the homeowners, who did not get a vote in the tower's placement.

If you'd like to help with our mounting legal fees, please visit our Go Fund Me page:

"Please Sign The Petition Below to Inform the City of Long Beach to Stop Installing 5G Towers Close to Homes in Residential Neighborhoods Until Current Scientific Health and Safety Studies Prove this is Safe" Note: Please DO NOT donate money through the website.

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