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Four New Exhibitions at Riverside Art Museum
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March 24, 2007

'The Riverside Art Museum presents four new exhibitions: Sumi Foley, "Abandoned Fabric", Moira Hahn, "Fight or Flight", Laurie Hogin, "Recent Paintings", and Yuriko Yamaguchi, "Metamorphosis" March 22-May 19, 2007. One woman exhibitions by Sumi Foley, Moira Hahn, Laurie Hogin and Yuriko Yamagichi are featured at RAM this spring. The common thread is the
intersection of Eastern and Western aesthetic perspectives.

Using discarded kimonos and other fine fabrics, Sumi Foley employs the crafts of quilting and enbroidery to create personal narratives.

Moira Hahn's vibrant artworks are fusions of Eastern styles of visual expression and the depictions of familiar yet animated cat and bird warriors of the Western world. The artwork by Laurie Hogin may also be seen as hybrid. Hogin's panels are symbolic depictions of vibrant simian subjects that seem haunted by a post-apocalyptic memory of environmental order. Yuriko Yamaguchi's installations are suspended elements that float within webs and templates. The Metamorphosis Series was a reaction to the end of the Cold war and the demolition of the Berlin Wall.'