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"Moira Hahn and Mangart”
Fabien Tillon
"Culture Manga" (book)
Nouveau Monde editions
2006, Paris

What I call mangart is an international pictorial movement which, unlike Pop-Art, claims without mockery an influence drawn from the graphic sources of the popular culture, in particular manga. It is not about a school, but about a cousinhood between very different painters.

A certain number of authors, such as Moira Hahn, in the United States, establish a connection between the universe of the comic strips and that of the traditional Japanese print.

In the paintings of this delicious artist, an improbable bestiary of cats-samurais, owls-geisha girls or flowery dragons, as good-looking as they are absurd, fight with distinction against the dangers of our world: sick birds having contracted the avian flu, blind Attempts to diffuse violence in the day after day life. Sometimes, Astroboy or Doreamon - but also Mickey and Uncle Scrooge - enlighten the set with their alternately refreshing and disturbing presence".