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The Journal of the Lincoln Heights Literary Society
WonderCon 2014: Moira Hahn
by Ginger Mayerson

Moira Hahn had one of the most beautiful art books I saw at WonderCon. Excellent reproduction of her excellent art, which is visually pleasing and mentally stimulating (great stuff!). She calls her work nouveau ukiyo-e, combining contemporary culture and things going on in her personal life with the look of 19th century Japanese woodblock prints. They are very colorful, beautifully composed, and charming choices of subject matter in watercolors. Her book, ÒApparitions,Ó is fully of fantastic magical animals in which each image tells its own story. The book was inspired by Moira moving to a new house where the previous owner had been feeding birds with numerous birdfeeders. Moira wanted to continue this tradition, and the birdfeeders attracted numerous birds, that, unfortunately attracted numerous feral cats, the ensuing horrific urban nature bird and cat conflict was the impetus for this lovely art book. Moira studied art at the Maryland Institute College of Art, CalArts, CCA (California College of the Arts), she received a Masters in art from California State Fullerton to teach. She also had a five year apprenticeship with a traditional Japanese artist named Masami Teraoka in Los Angeles before he retired to Hawaii. Moria has tabled at Comic-Con San Diego, and this is her third year at WonderCon, which she said was fantastic.

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