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Riviera Magazine
'Radar Art' column
November 2006
Daniella Walsh

'Nothing Succeeds Like Success'
Review of 'The OsCene' exhibition at Laguna Art Museum

'In a multicultural context, Moira Hahn's Japanese-inspired paintings are an intriguing mélange of East meets West scenarios that are just as often populated by cats and owls as they are by humans. Intricate narratives owe much to the aesthetics of the Edo period and those of the 'floating world'. She likens herself to Henri Rousseau, painting fantastic safari narratives by night and laboring as a customs official by day. 'Year of the Rooster Series / Hummingbirds' Revenge' and 'Surveillance' are emblematic of her current work. She recounted that a Finnish viewer was entranced enough to have a part of the latter tattooed onto her chest.'