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Blue Moon Woodblock Print

"Blue Moon Woodblock Print"
Hand made Japanese Woodblock Print of 'Blue Moon' from the Year of the Dog Series. Limited, closed, signed edition of 200, hand signed by the artist.

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Produced in Tokyo by Takumi Mokuhanga Kobo, a small (two artist) woodblock print atelier. Its principal carver, Mr. Motoharu Asaka, has over forty years experience carving traditional woodblock prints in Japan, and also produces them for Masami Teraoka. The inker, Mr.Satoshi Nishimura, also has over forty years experience in printing ukiyo-e prints. They co-founded the atelier in 1999.

Both sides of 15 woodblocks (mostly cherry wood) were carved to make the print. On some sides, two or three separate colors were inked. When two colors are used on one side, Takumi counts it as two blocks. Therefore, 42 blocks means 42 colors were used.

Some colors also required different tones (different hues or values), so extra printings were needed to achieve the range in the original painting. The finished image totaled 71 inkings per woodblock print.

The paper it's printed on is Japanese washi, a traditional printmaking paper made from mulberry bark. This paper was produced in Japan by a 9th generation Japanese National Treasure Mr. Ichibei Iwano, of Fukui Prefecture.

It's an Oban format print, the traditional size popular in the 18th and 19th century. The unframed size is 15" x 10". The framed size is 21" x 17" x 1 1/2". The framed print has wood molding (black) and includes archival backing and an 8 ply museum board mat.

The edition was made in Japan in 2009 and 2010.